How to buy Cryptocurrencies

            Once you have successfully funded and verified your account, you can now buy Cryptocurrencies on our exchange. It takes only a few steps.

            Navigate your way to the Buy/Sell Screen on the Exchange. Here is where you will buy your Coins.

            From the first drop down tab, select which Coin you would like to purchase from the List.

            Once selected, enter the amount of your selected coin you would like to purchase in the "I would like to buy" section.

            Then the "My Wallet" section will populate automatically. After the data has been entered, the field on the right will populate with the Order Details. Please make sure the details are correct.

            Once checked, hit the Buy button, and you have now purchased your Cryptocurrency. It will take some time to appear in your Wallet as different currencies require different amounts of confirmations before it completes. Periodically check your wallet for updates

            If you haven't received your Cryptocurrency within half an hour, please contact support.

            Updated: 09 Oct 2018 06:16 PM
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