Lex Exchange

What is Lex Exchange?

Lex Exchange was created explicitly with the intention of providing innovative, cost-effective, and highly secure cryptocurrency exchange services to the rapidly growing marketplace of cryptocurrency buy/sell services. It allows people from all around the world to safely buy and sell Cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc. (See supported currency list). 

We pride ourselves on our ability to fuse effective traditional business practices with the new and exciting world of digital assets in a way that delivers a business offering that is truly expressive of our team's passion, experience, and know-how.

Click here to Start buying /selling /trading Cryptocurrency with Lex Exchange

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    • Careers at Lex Exchange?

      Lex Exchange is constantly on the hunt for talented professionals for different job titles across the exchange. When specific roles are required to be filled, they will be listed below. If there are no roles advertised, your are still welcome to ...
    • How does Lex Exchange work?

      On Lex Exchange, we receive Fiat deposits on one side, to which Bitcoin or other Cryptocurrency of choice deposits on the other side of the trade, allowing customers to exchange their fiat currency for digital currency, or vice versa.
    • How do I sell digital currencies on Lex Exchange?

      Make your way to the Buy/Sell screen on the exchange. Once there select from the top drop down tab which coin you would like to sell. Once that is done enter the amount or select from the percentage blocks if you would like to sell in 25 percent ...
    • My Exchange or Wallet won't let me send Litecoin into your Exchange.

      Previously Litecoin and Bitcoin Wallet addresses have both started with a '3' making it easier to send to Bitcoin or Litecoin to a wrong address. To minimize the risk, Litecoin has made all their '3' addresses a corresponding 'M' address to help ...
    • Deposited wrong coins / tokens ?

      Unfortunately, if you have sent the wrong coins/tokens to your Lex Exchange address then they will never reach your Lex Exchange wallet, an example of this is sending Bitcoin cash to your Bitcoin address. In some instances, they may return to the ...